Welcome to the Homepage!

Welcome to my site! This is my homepage, feel free to browse about while my new website gets constructed.

Homepage News

This site is an update to my old site. Some highlights:

This site:

1) Runs on a VM! (More redundant storage)
2) Updated to the latest n greatest WordPress.
3) Easy dynamic content.

Old Site is completely gone as of recently.  A recent power outage caused the router hosting the site to stop mounting the USB it resided on. I haven’t yet been able or bothered (haha) to recover it.

1) Runs on a Router.
2) Old firmware, but reliable (well it’s still running, the site contents USB failed).
3) Static Content, self coded.

This new site is under construction as of Jan 8, 2018.

*Updates (Q1 2018)

Proper Home button navigation.
Spelling and grammar corrections.
Added Categories, created menus option for it.
Migrated 2014,2015 and 2016 blogs from NanoBlogger.

*Updates (Q2 2018)

Completed Microsoft PKI series blog posts.
Added  Post TOC Widget (Desktop view only)

Q3 2018

New Favicon! Bookmark my site with style!
Individual Post Floating TOC! Check out the longer blog posts on a desktop (Desktop mode) to view a floating Table of Contents, to navigate those lengthy posts with ease!
Lastest Post Top of all blogs (not fixed :D) this allows for quick access to the latest posts, but doesn’t affect the navigation of the long posts TOC mentioned above. 🙂


See if TOC in content can be triggered for mobile view only.
Better Categorization view mode, much like search operates.


Hacks of the day

Well libssh is vulnerable, so there’s that: CVE-2018-10933 Oracle has released a dump of updates to patch multiple vulns… I’m glad I don’t manage any Oracle products. For now anyways. While these are rough, nothing is better than monitoring, and physical access security. This is a very short post simply to track these events. Not …


It’s power and complex. I was gonna write a blog post, but I got sucked into learning regex for hours… and I’m still baffled at the syntax… One thing is for sure…. backlooks are difficult without context awareness (variables)….. Ugh, Example 1 Example 2 Then there’s learning about Anchors or “automatic zero-width assertions” … ooooeeeeeee that’s …

About Me

Who am I?!

I am….. Aemilianus Kehler!!!