Ubuntu – No Boot Device Found

The Pain

This shouldn’t be this hard. 😀 The opening lines of another persons blog who experienced the exact same pains I experienced today, the difference?!

I learnt the actual root cause (which I will be sharing with you all) and I learnt something. Which is always nice, and probably be remembered… cause the more painful… the more memorable. So lets get started!

The Story

I have recently setup a camera recording server at my work using Shinobi (another blog is in bound, just you wait!) S omy goal was to give it dedicated hardware over it being a VM to reduce the CPU impact on other servers and services.

Grab Ubuntu live 18.04.2 LTS server edition. How you decide to boot this image is on you, Create a USB image with etcher or rufus, go nuts, burn an actual DVD sure why not, use an amazing device called the IODD (seriously get one… it’ll save you hours of burning/imaging time, and discs).

Boot, run through the installer, and….

No Boot device found…

Uhhhhhh what? OK…. I’m sure I picked the right drive, and there’s only one drive installed in the laptop… and it’s the only one in the boot options… and the only one that was available in the installer… what gives?


The first logical area to guess was what the BIOS/UEFI was setup to do for it’s boot options. As the source blog mentions the HP BIOS is not all that great or intuitive so it was casuing me some grief. However, at first I just wanted Ubuntu to boot. I don’t care how!

BIOS (Legacy)

So I set the HP boot option to Legacy (No UEFI features what so ever, boot you bugger!)

Booted GParted Live x86, fried all partitions leaving a clean allocated disc.

Booted Ubuntu-Live-Server-18.04.2, install….

No Boot Device… WTF!!!

OK, I have legacy, it creates a 1MB bootloader partition, but it won’t boot…

I spent a while talking to people on #Ubuntu on Freenode IRC but wasn’t getting much further in a solution although many great people there were trying everything they could think of to help. However, as usual I just kept narrowing my google searches…

After multiple dead ends, I found this one, and it was exactly the next thing I was going to try anyway as I saw the option on Ubuntus website..

The Alternate Installer

So I downloaded the alternate installer which turns out also to be an offline installer and doesn’t require an internet connection either to install. To my amazement just like the source link. The alternate installer worked and the bootloader seems to have created the required GRUB somewhere on the main partition instead of a separate 1MB bootloader partition? (from my memory of the wizard, I’ll have to double check as I no longer using this build).

Nice! But then how do i get UEFI to work… there must be something I’m missing here…


So going back to the source Blog at the top that stated this shouldn’t be this hard, and he’s right by the way. The only reason this is hard, is for one reason… My own stupid ignorance. So let’s learn something.

Unfortunately he isn’t exactly sure what the issue is or what the solution is, cause really even after clearing my drive I was still getting No Boot Device even on brand new clean drives, so believe it or not, that is not 100% the problem, although I do agree when jumping between UEFI and BIOS OS’s installations on the same disc, or using any disc… clean it! (Either Diskpart CLEAN, or dd some zeros). Seriously it’s not about the parittions in this case, although having none is nice when going new. It’s about clearing the MBR.

With a new or uninitialized disc there won’t be a MBR or GPT and it will be usually created by the installers using (I’m assuming parted (for linux) and diskpart (for windows)). Now normally I would notice a difference in the bootloader right away in most distros when I would switch between UEFI and BIOS (Legacy mode), however in this case I noticed the same boot all the time. Until I set the settings to factory defaults, then it showed a different boot type (like it was finally booting the UEFI boot image that it was suppose to the whole time).

So what actually changed?!?!?!

To CSM or not to CSM

I had to double check what this exactly was, once this reminder was brought to me it’s like the light bulb went off. I checked the boot options, and was now using UEFI without CSM (native). While the setting I was usually switching between was UEFI with CSM, so it was booting the legacy Ubuntu installer, but creating a UEFI bootloader partition. You’d figured cause it’s still a UEFI boot partition and the BIOS boot settings where UEFI w/ CSM that it boot UEFI still without issue, but that was not the case. Once it was set to UEFI w/o CSM it sort of booted….

System BootOrder not found

UEFI you sure can be a PITA you know that! alright so I manged to get this message in the really fast boot loop it got stuck in after I finally got Ubuntu installed via UEFI.

However, it turned out if I smashed F9 to change boot order, I could see ubuntu actually listed in the boot menu, and no matter how I edited the UEFI boot order in the BIOS itself it wouldn’t boot automatically. If I selected it from the menu directly it booted… but not on it’s own. What gives now?

Secure Boot Keys

In this case Secure boot was still enabled, and it had been set with a set list.

I basically Disabled secure boot, cleared the secure boot keys and rebooted.

I’ll double check if I had re-enabled it (I should). however this was enough to get Ubuntu to boot without intervention.


I like learning, and it took me only a couple hours vs days unlike the source blog I shared. but still….. PAINFUL

  1. Check your BIOS settings (ensure UEFI no CSM)
  2. Your Drive is CLEAN! (No old Windows MBR or partitions)
  3. Disable Secure boot, and wipe old keys, then re-enable.

WinXP a Timeless Classic

Something about it that I loved, I rocked the vista themed copy for so long, you know when the Vista Fiasco was the Windows 8 fisaco, that was the uhhh yeah anyway…

Just look at that dark epic theme, a couple pieces of junk, but nothing modern live tiles brings… a Japanese checkers board to appease someone with the shortest attention span one could ever imagine. But not this classic beauty, just look at that recycle bin, made from fine glass.

Holy ball sacks, I was able to download Chrome via IE7 and it worked… in 2019!!

That’s just amazing, chrome supported XP till 2015, if there’s a die hard OS, XP was it. Holy crap… there’s people still commenting about this… like now…

Well, if you’re lucky like me and my old netbook, they manufacture made and it’s third party hardware peeps made drivers up till Windows 7, so I managed to install Windows 7 with an SSD and my old laptop is great, regardless of how many people complain on these comments, haha. 😀 Which is crazy considering…

Yes, Windows 7 Extended support is coming up… Another Solid beast I hope gets the extended life support it deserves. :D.

This was pretty much just a blah post but whatever… xP

I just needed a VM to test my OPNsense VM lol, figured I had the old ISO why not…

Classic Editor

Ahhhh Yes!!!!! The Classic editor where life is easy!

CHeck this out!

Ohhhhh man! That took me 2 seconds! and it’s perfect!

Go Classic editor, simple and it works! Leave fancy editor stuff for plug-ins WordPress…. You’re bloating WordPress like MS bloated Windows…

At least Classic Editor will be supported till 2021, and my guess with how crappy the new editor seems, it’ll probably be supported longer. like XP, good things die hard. New shitty things die fast.

WordPress 5 and Blocks

Here I am, trying out WordPress 5+ and it’s new content editor.

Big Gaping Asshole… I mean spacer Block!!! OMG Now I can move My big Gaping Spacer Block using Arrows… OMG!!! AMAZING… meh

My old ways don’t work and it’s painful to do something that was super easy before.

I sound like like an old fart but I liked the old way, not that I don’t like the ingenuity and clearly the scaleabilty of the new way, but things were obviously missed…

for instance I used to be able to paste my imgur links and then using my old plug in options mark them clickable and pop out. Now if I paste it, it tatoos the living crap out of the image with imgur crap all over it….

God look at this garbage

But hey at least I can caption my shit and move them around, cause you know how often I screw up the order of my post when I make them….

This paragraph, I can, cause you know how people love to mess up there paragraphs and have to rearrange them all the time!

Now when I press enter it simply adds a new “Document” block, so If I wanted this paragraph after ^ That Paragraph.

If that was confusing trust me so is finding the Point of these “blocks” if I had maybe some horizontal control I could see some use, but it’s literally just vertical, up down that’s it… wooo, man it was so hard before selecting content with the mouse and using, keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + X to cut, move to location, Ctrl+v to paste) in those times you needed to re-arrange… boy that stuff sure was hard to do. I’m glad I have blocks now to waste my life learning how to get something simple as my old pop up image plug-in to work again….. Pricks….

Time to install the Classic editor!

Zewwy Joins GitHub!

Actually I created my account apparently over 6 years ago :O…..

Sadly in those 6 years all I contributed was a couple really lousy DDWRT scripts…. and that OS was painful as getting help with it was near impossible.

I’ve updated my blog social links to include my GitHub Link. I moved my PowerShell Center Write-Host function there. I hope to move my SharePoint script I had written for the SharePoint migration at work. As well as some other contributions coming up soon. Maybe I’ll fork GhettoVCB and finally do part 3 of my Free Hypervisor Backup series. I’m sure everyone’s been waiting so eager for. 🙂

This was a short one. I hope to provide some more meaningful content in the short while. Just been a rough couple days recently.

Splitting WordPress Titles
Post Headers

I wanted to do this since I noticed my one header being really long and was unsightly… I decided to google this, like I google everything…

First one I found, I didn’t want to dink with code, I like coding but mostly PowerShell (If you haven’t noticed based on my categories)… Sorry you’re out!

Second one I found, I didn’t like cause it used a plugin… However there’s always something great to learn form the comments, specially “pessimists” *Cough* realists such as this great comment by “KRZYSIEK DRÓŻDŻ”

“Wow, you really need a plugin for that?

Why don’t you just insert tag? Installing million plugins, that aren’t doing anything really isn’t a good idea… Especially, if such plugin is not popular, so very few people have looked at/controlled it’s code (this plugin had 30 active installs).”

Made me gooo, waaaaaa that’s it? So sure enough I add <br> in my Title, and Bam! The Title is split on 2 lines, now that was easy. Thanks Krzysiek!

Looks like my third source basically does the same thing.