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There goes my hero! Watch him as he goes! This Page is dedicated to all my hero’s who have helped me along on my road of life.

This list will grow slowly over time. I started by adding close helping people in terms of Microsoft products. This list will also include historical figures, internet heroes, as well as local heroes. Stay tuned to watch this list grow.

Internet Heroes

1) Mark Russinovich – Mark Eugene Russinovich is a Spanish-born American software engineer who serves as CTO of Microsoft Azure. He was a cofounder of software producers Winternals before it was acquired by Microsoft in 2006. CTO of Azure, and maintainer of Sysinternals.

🙂 Marks Tools have helped me tremendously when it comes to system diagnostics. Cheers Mark!

2) Mark B. Cooper – President & Founder of PKI Solutions Inc, is a former Microsoft Senior Engineer and subject matter expert for Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS). Known as “The PKI Guy” at Microsoft for 10 years, he traveled the world supporting PKI environments for Microsoft’s largest customers.

Eh Another Mark, what a trend. Mark has helped me many times on TechNet with very complex issues around PKI and certificate management. As someone who posted and helped me for free, has earned him a spot in my list of heroes.

3) Trevor Seward – Trevor Seward is a Microsoft Office Apps and Services and has been awarded the Microsoft Community Contributor award multiple times for participation in the Microsoft TechNet/MSDN SharePoint forums over the years. Trevor specializes in deep-dive bug hunting within SharePoint Server as well as creating free/open-source software SharePoint solutions targeted primarily at SharePoint Administrators, helping make their lives easier.

This guy has answered so many of my SharePoint related question on TechNet, he for sure wins a spot on my Heroes list. 🙂 Sadly there isn’t too much SharePoint realted posts on my blog, cause they are verify complex, and it’s difficult and time consuming to, not only understand the issue, but write out blog posts on how to resolve them…. Maybe one day.

4) Martin Binder – Martin started with Windows 3.1 in 1992. Likes to play with MS AD.

Martin has helped me any times in TechNet in regards to AD issues and questions; such as this one questioning the order of GPOs and assigned scripts. 🙂