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I’m going to keep this post short, just in hopes that I don’t go off the rails on this product; K2 Blackpearl 4.7. I have plenty of awesome SharePoint 2010 to 2016 migration content yet to post on my site. I’m sorry I wish I could get all the awesome things I do on here, there are many awesome things I keep thinking about; iOmega NAS conversion I did replacing the ix12 OS with FreeNAS, My test enviroment, ISCSI MPIO (VMware, Microsoft, linux configs)… anyway… K2…. ugh

The Problem

I’ve never posted about this product on my site before, cause to be frank…. I tried to stay away from it as much as possible, so all I did was update the base OS and pray that the developers or users didn’t complain about errors in any of the “K2 apps”. Trust me there are lots I can’t tell you how many times I had o hear about K2 issues… anyway, I digress. Ya’d figure it’s this simple eh… well for running the setup manager, for first time config sure… but you have to run it again if you want to ever change this value… *ahem*… alright so lets say you did this… it’ll just work right… you set the email server destination and port, it’s gotta work for everything in the server (We’ere talking standalone, not clustered). right?…. Nope… So you eventually find that this is the most common, and generic error you will find if you ever have any email issues with K2… “There is no connection string for the destination email address ‘Email Address'” and you will get this for a lot of different things. Which oddly enough some of it gets covered here. But it’s a mess, and you have no clue which problem is the cause for the error. So much like the shared link there:

Check 1 – Environment Variables

Check the Environment Variables (If you are not sure what Environment Variables are you can read this *Ahem* Awesome… WhitePaper)

Alright… so we re-ran the config manager, updated the email settings there, updated out environment variables, we gotta be good now!…..

“There is no connection string for the destination email address ‘Email Address'”

Check 2 – SMTP Config Strings

You got to be…… ok, ok…. we got this… there’s got to be something else we must have missed… let’s see… mhmmm as Mikhal says from here…

“Email configuration is externalized from process and K2 server relies on connection strings in configuration file, processes look at Environment Library, but you should also keep in mind String Table. I saw cases when people did update of Mail Server field in environment library, but their workflow was deployed from other environment with old/incorrect email settings which were written into String Table during deployment time – so you should also make sure that you have correct settings there.”

soooo… From K2 terrible support page you can either dig in and manually edit “k2hostserver.exe.config” Really….. really….. .exe.config ….. anyway load the terrible Windows application that they use to edit this XML type config file. Now you mind find your self wondering “Do I have to create a new SMTP connection string for every from and destination address? That’s…. just…… unmanageable!” And yup it sort of is, what my awesome colleague and I discovered (He’s a K2 Master by the way) is that any internal “spoofed” mail (since we had decided we didn’t utilize any of K2’s EWS integration) would only work when we had that particular user with a SMTP string in this tool; ConnectionStringEditor.exe

It took my colleague a really long time before magically discovering what the syntax was in the SMTP connection string to be a wild card E.G. *@Zewwy.ca …. Drum Roll…….. NOTHING

That’s right nothing to make a wildcard SMTP connection string simply leave the field blank in the first step of the wizard. Alright… so now we had validated workflows could send on behalf of over SMTP based email (even to exchange without any EWS integration)… However we also utilized another workflow to send external email address emails…

“There is no connection string for the destination email address ‘Email Address'”

Check 3 – SMTP Receive Connector

Are you Kidding ME?!?!?! Alright…. Jesus what else did I forget/miss…

At this point you may find yourself a lil bit stuck as every other post points you to the same solutions above, or like this jerk-off goes over everything, then laughs in your face and says “‘There is no connection string for the destination email address testsmtp4velocity@gmail.com’. That is a pity. I thought we just added it. Ok, I admit, I knew this was going to be the result, but I thought I’d keep you intrigued. Now you will have to wait for my next article to see how to fix it. You can find the answer in part 2 of this article, along with a few other tips on how to resolve some other issues when trying to send an email through a SMTP server.” only to find that there is no Part 2….

So I was kind of stuck with the initial share I gave…

“Thanks for your help. We found the root reason is that the Exchange Server config the receive policy so we changed the policy then resolved the problem.”

If dealing with issues isn’t bad enough the internet is littered with useless help. “Don’t worry guys, I figured out my problem, if you have this problem too, well I figured out mine, good luck with yours.” Anyway, again I digress and I am not such a jerk and I will tell you how I finally managed to resolve this issue for good.

So I double checked my receive connector on my Exchange server… may there’s just something I missed… well… I covered everything, No TLS…. using Port 25, listening from only my K2 Server, Anonymous Users Checked off under security… What the heck I have them all covered…

Check 4 – Part 2

I was at my wits end until this! (Part 2 LOLOLOLOL, for real though… it’s coming soon. in like 20-30 mins, maybe an hour shouldn’t take me long to write up)

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