Multi BIN games on Lakka

I figured I may as well start a series on what I have to do to get Lakka setup (Lakka is a skin pretty much for retroArch, compiled for many different small board architectures including the Raspberry Pi). Today I got a game that happened to have multi bins, now I hope to post soon on how I managed to get multi disc games to play nice, which basically involved using a PsX2PsP conversion tool, which I read from another source, but that is for another post. This time I had multi bins up to 12 separate ones, and that other tool although supporting bin files only supported up-to 5 for multi-disc purposes not multi track purposes… so what to do… Google! and I found this ahh blogs make this world go round. So I basically did the same thing but in a VM to be safe, used DAEMON tools to mount the .cue, then used ImgBurn to make a single bin/cue file. Then used that in the PsX2PsP tool for a bit of compression… and it worked 😀

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