8Bitdo Unresponsive with charge light stuck on

If you haven’t heard of 8Bitdo check them out. They have an amazing line of wireless controllers. I personally love my SN30 Pro.

The other day I wanted to play some Cuphead and to my dismay the controller wasn’t responding. When I disconnected the USB cable (as I was charging it and using ti at the same time just recently prior) the charge light remained lit.

baffled I tried looking in the manual, and trying different button combinations and holds, after all this failed I googled which lead me to this reddit form

To my amazement the reply by “Tamoketh”

“The orange light stayed on?

Hold the Start button until the orange light turns off. Then turn on as normal.”

actually worked, I don’t know why this wasn’t written in the user manual, considering it has no direct power button.

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  1. So your SN30 Pro has an orange led? Mine has one when I got it I charged it right away. It had a red solid led which turned to orange and now it’s always orange when I plug it in. Nowhere on the web does it say anything about an orange led unless the controller is unresponsive. Mine works its just orange instead of turning off like their manual suggests. I’m at the latest firmware too.

    1. Mhhmmmm interesting, I can’t say I’ve experienced that myself. I generally find the controller randomly start doing its vibration feature endlessly and the orange LED stays lit no matter if it was plugged in or not. Pressing and holding the start button always ended up resetting it to a working state.

  2. ok, I really need some help here. these controllers have been a nightmare to get/stay connected. I’ve emailed the company twice and got a completely useless and glib response.

    Right now the one controller has a flashing Red light at the top. I keep Holding down the Start button, as I see people suggesting that might turn it off or allow me to restart the pairing process. But alas, holding down the Start button has done nothing to quell the flashing of this light. I’ve also tried Holding L1 + R1 + Start as suggested, but…..can ya guess?….
    nothing happens. Aside from the eternal flashing of the Red light, of course.

    1. Ahhh man that sucks, I can’t say I’ve experienced that myself. Only thing I could try and suggest is to try those exact same things while having the controller plugged into a USB port, or charging unit. Honestly its just random idea and has no basis what so ever.

      Or let it sit around till the battery completely dies and then try to plug it into a USB port. This one I’m thinking just to let the battery and all the caps drain out in case there’s something funky there. I haven’t opened mine up but looks to have standard Torx screws. Maybe try disconnecting the battery if you are willing to open er up?

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