First time Postfix

I setup a new Container on Proxmox VE. I did derp out and didn’t realize you had to pre-download templates. It also failed to start, but apparently due to no storage space (you can only see it when you pay close attention when creating the container, it won’t state so when trying to start it. YYou figure creation would simply fail)

Debian 12, and off to the races…

As usual.. first things first, updates. Classic.

Went to follow this basic guide.
I created a user, and set password, started and enabled postfix service.

I figured I’d just do the old send email via telnet trick.

Which kept saying connection refused. I found a similar post, and found nothing was listening on port 25. I checked the existing config file:


seemed there was nothing for smb like mentioned in that post, adding it manuallyy didn’t seem to help. I did notice that I didn’t have the chance to run the config wizard for postfix. Which from this guide tells you how to initiate it manually:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

After running this I was able to see the system listening on port 25:

After which the smtp email sendind via telnet worked.. but where was the email, or user’s mailbox? mbox style sounds kinda lame one file for all mail.. yeech…

maildir option sounds much better

added “home_mailbox = /var/mail/” to my postfix config file, and restarted postfix… now:

well that’s a bit better, but how can I get my mail in a better fashion, like a mailbox app, or web app? Well Web app seems out of the question

If I find a good solution to the mail checking problem I’ll update this blog post. Postfix is alright for an MTA I guess simple enough to configure. Well there’s apparently this setup you can do, that is PostFix Mail Transfer Agent(MTA SMTP), with Dovecot a secure IMAP and POP3 Mail Delivery Agent(MDA). These two open-source applications work well with Roundcube. The web app to check mail. Which seems like a lot to go through…

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