Don’t Squat on my Name

I found this interesting, I was checking out my DNS server to make some new static host records for my newly networked Test environment/sandbox. To my surprise I found these weird new records DHCID (Dynamic Host Configuration Identifier) I wasn’t sure what was up with these but I did notice them paired along with an A host record (same name, different value). A quick google search revealed this nice old MS gem.

While it states “Name squatting occurs when a non-Windows-based computer registers in Domain Name System (DNS) with a name that is already registered to a Windows-based computer.” and even Susie Long pretty much states the same thing from this TechNet Post.

What I found in my case was it was created for only a couple users and it was from their iPhones after I had renewed them with new iPhones and updated their phones by using iTunes to make a backup and copy their contents to their new phones. I’m assuming cause the same name already existed in DNS from the old phones DHCP request, and the new phone had the same device name after the restore. In my case I knew they weren’t important records since noone would ever need to access their phones via DNS name, lol. So I simply deleted them. We’ll see if they come back.

I already knew all about DHCP and DNS scavenging but this was a new one for me. 😀

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