SharePoint User Full Control – Site has not been shared with you

I’ll keep this one short. After my recent SharePoint migration (ahem, 1 web app out of 6 I have yet to complete), I noticed my standard user account was not able to add pages to my new 2016 site. A little different then this Blog post about unable to edit, however the fix was exactly the same.

  1. First ensure you have site collection admin rights on the site collection in question.
  2. Load the site with this account (I noticed there’s only logout, and no longer sign in with another user under the user hamburger menu, so open a browser as the user with site collection admin rights).
  3. Go to Site Settings -> Master pages and page layouts
  4. In his case, as well as mine then library had unique permissions (not sure why I have yet to log into my old SharePoint page and see if it was like this from before the migration). Simple make it inherent permissions from the root site.

I was able to find this info from TechNet. I’m on there quite frequent, feel free to check out some of my posts. 😀 Maybe there’s a way I can add my TechNet profile to the word press social links. 😀 stay tuned.

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