Dealing with Event ID 7000

This event could really be due to a couple things, mostly dependencies.
I came across this error notice while checking my workstations event logs. I noticed these events coming from what should be Trend AV. As Trend is an active AV in use I was concerned about it, however the active AV session was OK and showing green across the board.

Entering the exact info from the event into google prompted a nice forum topic about it. I already did my due diligence by checking local service with an admin account both using the “sc query” command and the “Get-WmiObject win32_service | format-table displayname,name,startname.”
This was enough to show me that tmcomm was not an active service installed on my system. Lucky for me the user on this forum was experiencing a similar issue.
This left me to believe these were old services left behind by a previous version of Trend AV..
Following the advice there, removed the service keys from the registry. Browse to HKey_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services under services key, there are many sub keys, find the one named TmComm and delete it, keys look like a folder.
Once I had removed the key and rebooted I had a clean eventlog!

So those are the basic steps, check log, see event, and verify dependencies are starting. If service name cannot be found using the commands listed above then check the registry under HKLM/SYSTEM/CCS/Services and remove the key for the listed service .
Hope this helps someone else experiencing Event ID 7000 in their eventlogs!

Jan 2018 update

Well done.

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