Edge, why so many instances?

Another short n sweet one, today I noticed there were over 10 instances of edge when I open the browser:

So, I did a quick Google search and I found someone with the same question, luckily outside the usual rubbish answer from officals, there was a really helpful comment by a Volenteer Moderator by the name of “¡Firedog” I’ll give them double props for using an upside-down exclamation point in their name.

“That isn’t anything to be alarmed about. Which pages open when you launch the program are set under When Microsoft Edge starts at ⋯ (Settings and more) > Settings > Start, home and new tabs. Each tab will have at least one process associated with it, and the browser itself will have several more. You can see what all these processes are by pressing Shift-Escape in the browser (you can also select Browser task manager from the page’s window control – Alt-Space, or right-click on the title bar). ”

Sure enough when I had the system focus (I clicked) on my Edge browser and then pressing “Shift-Escape”:

I thought that was pretty neat, didn’t know about that one.

The Alt+Space was a neat lil menu, good one in there was customize toolbar.

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